Passionate Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches & Business Professionals:

Get ready to learn the tools that the most innovative, powerful & revered performers, actors, dancers and entertainers use to captivate everyone they meet, make a massive impact & earn the big bucks.

♦ Elite Level Training ♦ Meaningful Networking
♦ Experiential Learning ♦ World Class Entertainment

 Los Angeles: January 30-February 1, 2015 / New York City: October 16-18, 2015

“A Cindy Ashton event is like no other.  Cindy’s unique background of being an award winning entertainer, consultant, nationally published educator and professional speaker means you will never encounter the ‘salesy, watered down fluff’ you see at some other conferences. Cindy knows what it takes to create a true experience for you with her events. You will be educated with stellar content that will be make an instant impact on your career, entertained beyond belief and ultimately blown away.” ~Lauren Pibworth, Marketing for Speakers Expert

First impressions are everything…whether you are on stage, in a meeting, networking or on a sales call.

  • How you walk into a roomIMG_7942 - small
  • What your voice sounds like
  • The words you say and stories you tell
  • If you can genuinely connect with another
  • How confident, credible and trustworthy you come across

It will make or break your ability to grow your business to the level you desire.

Presentation skills training IS the key to being in the top of your field and making the impact and money you crave to make.

But not all speaking training programs are created equal.

In fact, in 2012 Forbes Magazine said:

“For those who’ve been through speaker training…you leave feeling less authentic than ever, with piles of ‘correct’ postures, gestures, and speech effects to practice.”

Speak, Impact, MonetizeTM is a revolutionary 2.5 day conference that is going re-define what speaker training means.

Let me show you the new paradigm in the speaking world…

No more canned scripts and poses. You are not a robot. And your audience, leads and clients aren’t either.

Every moment of this red carpet event is about how to unleash your natural magnetism so you can authentically connect with potential clients, build relationships and increase your profits…. and all by being yourself.

WARNING: this training IS unconventional and you will be stretched. It is not for everyone.

You see, anyone who ever achieved extraordinary results had to be out of the box.

Look at Oprah and Richard Branson. Did they follow the crowd? Nope… they were willing to create their own path, no matter what others said.

Do you dare to be unconventional to achieve extraordinary results? Truly unleash your BEST self? Get advanced, elite level training to make an impact and monetize?

If so… the Speak, Impact, MonetizeTM Conference is for you.

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